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Artist On the Rise: Erica Glyn

Erica Glyn is a rare gem. She’s an artist, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer, and so much more. Her sound and style can give Florence Welch and Tori Amos a run for their money. This NYC based rocktronica artist recently teamed up with Substream Music Press for her world premiere for her new music video, “In Silence.” The haunting and catchy tune has received an amazing response from the blogosphere and music lovers. Her latest album,Staticis the epitome of an emotional, yet memorable collection of songs about life, love, and finding oneself. Erica has written, recorded, and produced her latest project, with the help of a collection of talented musicians and producers.

The triple threat has an awesome story to tell from her discovery of music, to preparing for Static, and to learning from music opportunities such as mixing and producing. I got the opportunity to talk with Erica Glyn about her musical experience. Read the rest below: